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Often when you hear about “big data” in the restaurant industry, the focus is on the customer—gathering information from their dining experience as well as feedback about the experience in order to enhance your offerings and service. But what about using restaurant data (big restaurant data) to improve your operations?

Big Data = Big Benefits

Data is valuable. However, many businesses have struggled to get a handle on it because there was too much of it floating around and they didn’t have the tools necessary to manage it.

Thanks to the cloud and the multitude of devices we have access to 24/7, collecting and working with large data sets is no longer a big deal, nor is it something operations management has to sit around and wait for from each location. With restaurant management software, big data is providing restaurants with many big business benefits.

#1: Big Business

Restaurants and franchises of all sizes are now equipped with the power to gather and use operational data the way only large enterprises and major chains were previously able to.

#2: The Bigger Picture

Big data software allows restaurants to easily see into different aspects of the business: staffing, training, food costs,scheduling, operational processes, sales, and more.

#3: Better Access

Operations management no longer has to wait on individual locations or restaurant management to pull reports together. With cloud-based software, operational data is available 24/7.

#4: Performance Boosts

With more data comes more precision and control. Restaurant management software empowers teams to rein in the excess and to provide a more efficient and consistent operation.

#5: More Savings

Anytime, anywhere, any device access to your restaurant data enables you to spend less time checking in with locations and instead focusing on running your business.

#6: Immediate Results

Big data software provides an opportunity for real-time monitoring and the ability to take immediate action, provide stronger support for the team, and more quickly resolve incidents.

#7: Greater Insights

With too much time spent reacting to problems within your operations, restaurant management software keeps track of trends and can help you take a more proactive approach.

Restaurants no longer need to fear the collection of data—the time it takes, the accuracy of it, or the resources needed to analyze it. With the right tools on your side, big data can become a powerful tool even for the smallest restaurant or the most geographically dispersed chain. It’s just a matter of finding the right one for your restaurant operations.

Better Chains is in the business of helping you manage all that data and using it to improve your operational control. If you’d like to learn more about our restaurant management software and how your business can start utilizing big data more efficiently, let’s talk.

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