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Learning Management System

A Better Way To Provide Restaurant Training


Automate and Streamline Your Training to Create Consistency at all Locations

With just a few clicks you could have all your managers reading a session on best restaurant management practices from their mobile devices and your newly hired servers taking a menu quiz. It’s that simple with the Better Chains Learning Center’s online training modules.

Mobile-friendly sessions allow you to upload images, videos, and manuals to engage employees in their training–restaurant training, job-specific training, OSHA training, ABC training, safety training, and more. Just upload the new recipe or document to the system and define which roles need to undergo training on the new materials. The system will then automatically alert each employee when new training sessions are ready.

Training your employees on a new recipe or procedure has never been so easy.


Use the Learning Center to organize your staff training, menu items, and more including photos, descriptions, and prices–all in one secure place.

  • Position Specific – Easily define which roles need to undergo training on new materials. The system automatically alerts each employee that they have new training sessions to complete.
  • Learning Management System – The Learning Center securely stores New Hire, Illness & Injury Prevention, Point of Sale, Menu, and Sales & Service Training.
  • Digitize Your Manuals – You don’t need a new training program. We will upload your existing training materials into the system.


Upload new menu items and training content to the learning management system. Use pictures, video and documents to create consistency in service and quality across all of your locations. Don’t have your own? Use our templates to get you started.

  • Engaging Training – Educate your staff so dishes are prepared exactly the same way at each location. Include upsell and pairing opportunities to maximize sales!
  • Menu Consistency – Educate your staff so your dishes are prepared exactly the same way at each of your locations. Include upsell and pairing opportunities to maximize sales!
  • Guest Focus – Instruct staff on which questions to ask guests to identify dietary or other restrictions. Better Chains includes icons for common allergens.

Learning Center + Menu

Add the recipe and food costing with learning center plus. Train management and staff with the knowledge needed to increase profit!

  • Food Costing – Track your food costs, and items that are making you the most profit.
  • Order Guide – Upload your order guide for accurate ingredient and pricing information.
  • Suppliers – Keep your suppliers details organized and easy to access.
  • Smart Testing – Creates test automatically for menu training, and tracks your team’s progress.

Track & Measure

Get ultimate transparency into your team’s development across all your locations from the online training dashboard.

  • Report – In-depth reporting will give you detailed insight into sessions completed, pending tests taken, or items that needed to be retaken.
  • Monitor – View team members’ progress in real time and evaluate comprehension.
  • Review – Create follow-up tests to ensure retention.

Our Proud Clients

Client Testimonials

The Better Chains system is so much simpler than other options we have tried. It is the best value out there!
Mar Ifurung, Barney’s Beanery
Better Chains has vastly improved the management of an employee’s life cycle from all aspects of our company.
Krystal Tonning, Global Baristas
Better Chains protects both the employer and employee by paying careful attention to all aspects of hiring, on boarding, and training.
Tanya Freedland, HR Consultant


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