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Paperless HR Software

A Better Way To Manage Restaurant Staffing


There Is A Lot That Goes Into Restaurant Staffing Especially With Multiple Locations

With the right HR technology solutions on your side, finding the right people to manage your restaurant operations has never been so easy or intuitive. The Better Chains cloud-based HR management platform offers restaurant recruiters and management the tools needed to manage the entire employee lifecycle; from applications to interviews, onboarding training to HR record management, everything you need can now be found in one simple and easy-to-use tool.

Interview Consistency

Ensuring your interviews are handled consistently and appropriately across locations can be a struggle. Better Chains makes it easy with our online interview tool.

  • Keep It Simple: Easily invite them to interview with an email or text message.

  • Templates: Ensure your interviews are conducted consistently across all locations with position-templated interview questionnaires.
  • Trigger Happy: Build trigger points into your questionnaires to give interviewers hints as to what key phrases or answers they need to listen for.

HR Smart Forms

Choose from a variety of digital forms to complete your employee’s HR profile. Never worry about losing paperwork or having to find forms that your staff has completed again.

  • Digital Signature: All smart forms can be e-signed with multiple signatures and signed and are automatically stored in your employees’ online profile and available as a PDF for download.
  • Paperless HR: Copies of your completed forms can be shared with anyone who needs them.
  • Best Fit: We can customize any HR form to meet your company’s needs.

Digital Onboarding

Better Chains’ automated onboarding tool will help keep your procedures efficient and get your new employees on the job faster.

  • Get Organized: HR management that keep tabs on all of the new hire onboarding documentation.
  • Industry Templates: Not sure where to start or what you need? Choose from our HR document library.
  • Easy as 1, 2, 3: An easy-to-follow workflow makes sure documents and steps never get missed.
  • Digital Signage: All employee documentation–including federal forms like the I-9 are electronically signed and stored in your employees’ online profile and available as a PDF for download.
  • Bird’s Eye View: Be able to check in on your new hire’s onboarding progress at any time.

Client Testimonials

The Better Chains system is so much simpler than other options we have tried. It is the best value out there!
Mar Ifurung, Barney’s Beanery
Better Chains has vastly improved the management of an employee’s life cycle from all aspects of our company.
Krystal Tonning, Global Baristas
Better Chains protects both the employer and employee by paying careful attention to all aspects of hiring, on boarding, and training.
Tanya Freedland, HR Consultant


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