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Dillanos Coffee Roasters and Better Chains Deliver Predictable Hiring Solution to Customers

The applicant tracking system will be made available for free to over 3,000 coffee shops around the country.

Long Beach, CA – Dillanos Coffee Roasters announced earlier this month that they will sponsor Better Chains’ applicant tracking system and make the predictable hiring solution available for free to over 1,600 customers. The initial rollout of Dillanos’ Preferred Partner Program is set to launch on November 18, and will provide participating coffee shop customers with free access to the tool, across an unlimited number of locations.

“Right now, employee turnover within the food and beverage industry is somewhere between 50% and 70%, and that number is unsustainable,” said Sagi Rochman, Founder and CEO of Better Chains. “We saw an incredible opportunity with Dillanos and wanted to help make a difference in the long-term outlook of the industry.”

The free applicant tracking software embeds directly on company websites and provides operators, managers, and HR professionals full control over screening applicants based on job-specific criteria. Better Chains’ predictable hiring solution has helped restaurant operators reduce employee turnover rates by 25%, on average.

Rochman and Chris Heyer, Co-CEO of Dillanos, expect this partnership to have far-reaching effects throughout each of the participating locations.

“It’s amazing how efficient and successful your hiring process can be when you’ve got better control over which applications you review and which applicants you interview.” Heyer further explained, “We’ve been using Better Chains’ applicant tracking system for six months and it’s already been a huge time and money saver. We knew it could make a huge difference for our customers as well. That’s why this partnership with Better Chains was a no-brainer.”

Further details on the Dillanos’ Preferred Partner Program and their sponsoring of Better Chains’ applicant tracking software can be found here.

About Better Chains

Better Chains is the prominent solution provider in all aspects of HR, training, and business operations management. With its all-encompassing modular and fully integrated cloud-based platform, Better Chains provides technology solutions for restaurants, retailers, hospitality, and other multi-location service providers.

Established by service industry experts and world-class engineers, Better Chains develops simple and customizable software solutions that make it easier for businesses to grow. By providing greater control and deeper insights into their business, Better Chains enables operators to stop worrying about the technology and to focus instead on maintaining a path to success.

About Dillanos

Founded in 1992, Dillanos Coffee Roasters is a family-owned specialty coffee roaster located in Sumner, WA. The company was named Roast Magazine’s 2011 “Roaster of the Year.” One of the largest wholesale specialty coffee roasters in the United States, Dillanos provides coffee and business building partnership to cafes and drive-thrus from coast to coast, and serves retail customers at Dillanos.com.

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