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Employee Scheduling Software

A Better Way To Manage Restaurant Shift Planning


Restaurant Shift Planning Can Be A Real Pain.

Restaurant shift planning can be a real pain. You spend countless hours trying to create next week’s schedule, but you never seem to get it right. Someone complains about the amount of hours they received, you don’t have proper senior-to-junior level staff coverage, and you weren’t aware your sous chef had requested three nights off until he failed to show for the first one.

The problem many managers face when approaching staff scheduling is this: they’re too focused on the staff part of it. While employees have certain shift preferences and availability that need to be taken into consideration, the most effective way to create a schedule is to first define the shift. Competing priorities like daily budgets, historical data, employee preferences, and proper staff pairings all have an effect on each day’s results.

Scheduling Software Features

The Better Chains scheduling software helps you say “goodbye” to the days of ineffective workforce scheduling and “hello” to a simple, cost effective, and productive shift planning solution.

  • Templatize: Create recurring schedule templates for your weekly, seasonal, and special event needs.
  • Stay Put: Never lose a time-off requests or availability note again. All employee-specific scheduling notes are kept in one place and help you to stay better organized.
  • Real-Time Messaging: Receive alerts based on targeted labor costs and percentages before they negatively affect your restaurant.

Scheduling Software Benefits for Management

If you’re looking for reduced labor costs and less time spent on scheduling, look no further.

  • Greater Organization: No more lost sticky notes or endless hours searching for employee time-off requests.
  • Better Budgeting: Reduce overtime spending by utilizing flexible and customizable templates that give you more visibility into your shift planning.
  • More Control: Control employee shift swaps, time-off requests, and other scheduling changes more easily with centralized access and real-time alerts.
  • Fully Automated: With recurring templates developed based on each shift’s needs, you can create the most efficient schedules for your team and your budget.

Scheduling Software Benefits for Staff

If you’re looking to improve communications with your team and give them a tool so they can be more accountable over their own schedule, look no further.

  • Easier Access: With a free mobile employee scheduling app, give your team a tool so they can manage their own schedule more responsibly.
  • Greater Assurance: You’re not the only one worried about losing that sticky note time-off request. Your staff can now rest assured that availability and time off requests have been received.
  • More Flexibility: Your team can arrange their own shift swaps with co-workers and notifications will be immediately sent to management for approval.
  • Anytime, Anywhere: Employees and managers can now access their schedules from any device at any time.

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Client Testimonials

The Better Chains system is so much simpler than other options we have tried. It is the best value out there!
Mar Ifurung, Barney’s Beanery
Better Chains has vastly improved the management of an employee’s life cycle from all aspects of our company.
Krystal Tonning, Global Baristas
Better Chains protects both the employer and employee by paying careful attention to all aspects of hiring, on boarding, and training.
Tanya Freedland, HR Consultant


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