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As any restaurant operations manager will tell you, the hiring process is not only expensive in cost, but also in terms of labor and time. With growing employee turnover and a generation of employees known for job hopping, it’s important now more than ever that the restaurant industry take action.

“As the world becomes more digital, businesses with the best technology will be in the best position to compete for and hire younger workers.” – Anna Matthai, CompTIA

Millennials and Technology

“Digital native” is a term you will often see associated with the millennial generation. Having been born between the years 1980 and 2000, millennials were raised on technology:

  • Video games at home
  • Computers at school
  • The rise of Internet, email, and instant communications
  • The evolution of the phone from landline to 24/7, on-the-go mobile devices
  • Increased access to entertainment through digital streaming services
  • The pervasive use of the cloud for personal and professional purposes

It’s no surprise then that millennials in the workforce would have such high expectations of their employer. In recent research conducted by CompTIA, they found that 74% of millennials use a company’s tech savviness as a determining factor when considering employment.

Knowing this and knowing how expensive and time-consuming it can be to deal with a revolving door of employees, have you considered adopting new restaurant technology as a means of attracting new talent and retaining your staff?

Restaurant Technology Solutions

Chances are good you’ve already invested in some form of restaurant technology solution for your customers: tableside kiosks, mobile apps, mobile phone paging systems, etc. What about for the tech-friendly millennials at work though? They’re used to having instant access to the tools they need (just like your customers), so making sure your restaurant is equipped with the means to achieve that will be of utmost importance now and in the future.

Here are some suggestions on how to make your restaurant more appealing to a younger (and growing) generation through technology:

Online Recruiting

Millennials seeking restaurant employment aren’t going to show up at your restaurant and ask for an application these days. Instead they’re going to expect that open positions are advertised online—on your website, on job sites, and on social media.

Bonus: By managing the hiring process online, you have better insights and control into who applies, which applications you take the time to read through, and the consistency of the interviews conducted.

Web-Based Training

Millennials want easy access to information as well as the ability to control the pace of their experience (whether it’s dining in your restaurant or training to work within it). Online training software meets both of those goals.

Bonus: Training software offers you the unique opportunity to keep closer tabs on the training process as you can check on progress, set goals, and share new training modules and opportunities as employees grow within your organization.


While you don’t literally need to turn all processes or tools into a game, it’s important to consider how you can use technology to make the process of learning about your restaurant, the menu, and each job’s responsibilities more entertaining. When developing learning modules for your employees, consider using videos, bolder visuals, infographics, and more interactivity to keep them engaged.

Bonus: Give your HR management and operations management teams an opportunity to get creative and infuse your company’s personality and values into the e-learning process.

Employee Scheduling Software

Millennials in the workplace want more control. By making use of an employee scheduling software, you can empower your staff with the real-time ability to view their schedule, make requests for time off, manage shift changes with other team members, and communicate updates to you regarding availability.

Bonus: Scheduling software is an even more powerful tool for operations management as it enables you to develop templates, streamline the scheduling process, and keep shifts from running over budget. It also gives you the ability to communicate in real-time with employees.

You’re going to keep hearing a lot about millennials and technology in your workplace. Rather than wait until 2020 when they’re expected to comprise nearly half of your staff, it’s better to get a jump start on preparing for it now. By equipping your restaurant (as well as operations management) with the proper tools to satisfy the needs of your workforce, you can look forward to an easy transition, increased efficiencies, more streamlined communications, and a happier team.

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