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Running a restaurant is hard work—especially when managing more than one location. Running a business, on the other hand, shouldn’t be.

So what’s the difference between the two? Better Chains’ Founder and CEO Sagi Rochman discussed this recently:

“If you’re running a business, you’re focused on simplifying and streamlining all processes and systems for greater efficiency, better insights, and more control. This proactive approach allows you to focus on the bigger picture: your business.”

As a restaurant operator or manager, you can’t afford to lose time and money with inefficient procedures and getting caught up in the day-to-day hiccups. With a multitude of restaurant management software and hardware available to lift that burden, operations management can effectively shift their focus (and mindset) from the restaurant to the business.

Here are our picks for the five restaurant software and technology providers you need to know in 2016 and beyond:


  • The Promise: “The future of trust, safety and fairness for businesses, employees and communities.”
  • The Technology: Customizable employment screening and background check services
  • The Solution: HR management has a lot to keep track of throughout the recruitment, hiring, and onboarding process. GoodHire provides your operations with whatever screening checks you may need: education verification, professional licensing checks, motor vehicle records, social security number verification, criminal histories, and more.


  • The Promise“Clover handles the business part of being in business.”
  • The Technology: POS systems, online store setups, gift card creation, and sales/expense tracking
  • The Solution: Restaurants come in all shapes and sizes—and so should your technology. That’s why Clover offers POS solutions to fit whatever your business needs: hardware, software, mobile credit card processors, EMV chip readers, and more. They also offer additional solutions for businesses that need more extensive sales assistance, so you can keep control of it all in one place.


  • The Promise“It’s your restaurant. Run it like you mean it.”
  • The Technology: Restaurant management software
  • The Solution: Operations management can often seem like a juggling act what with multiple teams, locations, and priorities all floating around at any given time. The Upserve software solution helps you manage it much more smoothly and effectively. Staff, guests, marketing, menus, finance, HR, and sales… whatever you need, the anytime, anywhere software will cover it all.
  • The Add-On: With Upserve being such a huge player in the hospitality industry, it’s no surprise to see that they acquired Breadcrumb this year. A POS system, Breadcrumb is the perfect complement to Upserve’s solution (or really any other restaurant management software). Online or offline, desktop or mobile, this POS works for you whenever you need it.

Simple Order

  • The Promise: “We believe in simplicity.”
  • The Technology: Cost and inventory management software
  • The Solution: Ever felt like your costs are getting out of control and you have no idea how to identify the source of the problem? Simple Order’s management software delivers clarity to the entire process of purchasing, cost trends, and managing your inventory. Real-time insights and supervision of all locations will help bring order out of the chaos.


  • The Promise“Improving conversation.”
  • The Technology: Guest engagement and recovery software
  • The Solution: Guest feedback is essential to the continued success of your restaurant operations. If you want to know how your processes, technologies, and locations are performing, just listen to what your guests are saying. Pedanco has a solution for that: by integrating all guest feedback pathways into one system, management can stay on top of problems, identify trends, and create consistent and genuine communication with guests across all locations.

Every business is different—and that’s why restaurant software and technology providers like the ones above have created solutions to fit your unique business needs.

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