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Here we go: 

When it comes to doing your job and keeping your restaurant operations management in check, there never seems to be enough time or room to breathe to get it all done. You’re spending a lot of time on an assortment of tasks. The best solution is to start small and find areas where you can improve the process. By cutting down on the amount of time spent looking for information, following up with team members, and reinventing the wheel, you can save yourself—and your restaurant—a lot of time and undue stress.

What to do:

First things first, you have to take stock of what is going on: Assess the situation.

  • Human Resources: The tracking and maintenance of employee files, write-ups, evaluations, trainings, etc.
  • Communication: The coordination of everything affecting operations and, ultimately, the bottom line: holiday schedules, special events, training, new hires, end-of-year financials, and so on.
  • Recipe Management: The ownership of menu training, preparing order guides, and compiling information on menu/bar pairings for your team.
  • Reporting: The daily management of the FOH and BOH, including quality checks, verifying temp and regular staff hours, and end-of-day reports, to name a few.

Next – Take control:

Sometimes it’s the smallest of changes that have the largest impact. Start here:

1. Automation

Certain tasks will lend themselves well to automation, like end-of-day reporting, onboarding training, and the storage of employee records. Simplification, ease of use, ease in training, greater efficiency—when used right, a lot can be gained from creating a process, automating it, and sticking to it.

2. Consistency

Regardless of who performs a task or procedure, with an automated system, you can expect consistent results. Tasks like training, evaluations, quality checks, and overall communication greatly benefit from having consistent and well-documented processes which, in turn, reinforce the united face and messaging that represents your restaurant brand.

3. Control

In order to spend less time worrying about how to effectively and efficiently manage your restaurant operations and spend more time doing what you’re meant to be doing, you need to invest in a tool that will help automate your tasks, create consistency in your processes, and then take control. In order to have full operational control, you need tools that will help you oversee and manage everything with minimal effort, time, and money spent.

End Results:
At Better Chains we created a complete restaurant management system to help make operations control an easy option for business owners.  Everything from management HR, digital training, online scheduling, menu engineering, and all of your daily operations management tied into one integrated restaurant software. Use one module or all at the same time. Our modules are customizable and provide better staffing, digital training, a free applicant tracking system and more.

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Better Chains is simplifying the hospitality industry with our restaurant management software designed by industry professionals to increase your profit and growth. Use our modules separately or together on any mobile device or tablet throughout the day. We are here to bring much needed change to an industry we love.