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Take your business to the next level by using our software or just by referring us.


We are looking for other industry professionals just like you to combine forces with to give our customers all pieces to the puzzle of success! We frequently get requests from our customers for REFERRALS to quality outside services, like YOU!! Best part, is this is a free partnership. We just want to work with high quality industry professionals.

We’d like to talk to you about your business and the services you provide that could help our clients. Consultants of all types also have the opportunity to utilize our technology at no cost to share their expertise and training easier while having visibility over their customers’ operations. If you’re looking to take your business to the next level and make considerably more revenue using state of the art technology, this program is for you.


Streamline your own business with the Better Chains platform. Take all of that great content and training that you’ve created and use Better Chains to onboard new clients and digitally push training on best practices out to anywhere in the world. Even create your own applicant pool if you want to offer a solution to staffing problems and fill vacancies with quality staff.

The best part is that as a perk of our Partnership Program is you get to use the technology for your consulting business at no cost.

By referring our Workforce Optimization Solution to your network, you will be providing them with a tool to give them a better chance at long term success with the most affordable solution on the market.

Our data shows using Better Chains software in the customer’s business has reduced staff turnover by an average of 25%, dramatically dropped labor costs, and cut down employee training time by up to 40%.

Create ControlConsistency and Compliance for your customers.

Use the Better Chains Workforce Optimization Solution as a competitive edge for your business. Give new clients a system preloaded with all of your personal content and expertise on the first day.

After the initial consultation period, collect a retainer fee by using the technology to continually monitor the business’ operations and make cost saving decisions when necessary.

Utilize our Referral Program and create up 2 years of monthly recurring revenue, JUST for an introduction.

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